Monday, October 7, 2013

#47 - Charity Time Again

Another year, another donation board from my kid's school. Low and long over 10" Originals, the trucks that everyone loves to hate. I find when mounted low they make for an amazingly fun carvy ride. Not built for speed or tricks, but just to cruise. Board is two plies of 3 mm w/ one of 2 mm between, one layer of 6 oz glass and two of 5.5 oz carbon fiber, 1/8" risers are tigerwood. Deck has a really nice pop to it even though I exceed max weight by a handful of pounds. I'm sure it'll land in a good home.

#46 - And a Boy Turned Three

My boy turned three last month. I figured his first skateboard was long overdue. Three plies of bamboo, two of 2mm and one of 3mm. No carbon and just a little bit of fiberglass, light as a feather, max rider weight < 100 lbs.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

#45 - A Failure All Around

I'm currently experiencing a bit of a problem sourcing the bamboo that I normally use for building and this deck is an attempt to try something new with some more readily available material. For all intents and purposes it didn't go well, but not so bad I could bare to throw it in the bin. I actually think the feel of the deck is pretty nice, comfortable concave, a good rear bias camber that I like for LDP and really nice pop for someone a little lighter than myself. The problems come in the way it had to be built. It was very, very difficult to get the cave into it and as close as it is to correct it's not quite right. I also had some problems in finishing that made it not so pretty, at least not as pretty in person as it appears here. All that said, it's not good enough to sell, not bad enough to toss, and to close to #44 to be worth setting it up myself. I figured someone else might have a better use for it, So, it's headed off to a new owner and if it disappoints, at least it was free.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#44 - A New Kind of Build for Me

This is a new to me LDP design I've been kicking around in my head for a while. One ply of 4mm h-lam bamboo, one of 3mm v-lam bamboo, lots of carbon, some fabric, and a curly maple stringer to finish it off. The deck has a lot more liveliness than #28, my go to LDP deck for the last couple of years, and is not a whole lot softer. Other than the tiny bubbles in the epoxy due to putting it under heat a bit too soon I call this one a success.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

#43 - For Charity

Built as a silent auction item for my kid's co-op preschool's annual fundraiser. There's a triangle forty2 logo forward of the front truck that is obscured in the photo. Pretty basic build but it looks nice, tried to do something that wouldn't be too crazy for the uninitiated. It's got more flex than I like in a deck, but I'm also on the heavier end of the spectrum so hopefully it'll work out for whoever wins it.

#42 - Another Slalom Deck

 My first slalom deck (#35) was a bit on the short side and a bit weird in the kick. I got tired of fighting it so I gave it to Jason and Katie over at Motion Boardshop. This is the replacement.

Not sure I'm 100% satisfied, but it's a big improvement over the last one. Better concave, much firmer kick, and a pretty good length. Still need to get serious with some cones to really know how I feel about it. Liking it so far.

#41 - Eddie's Replacement

Unfortunately, #5 didn't go the distance, and it's my own damn fault. So when Eddie let me know he would be visiting from Japan I got off my ass and built him a replacement. Better in every way and a proven design.

Still including the NOLA love, split stringer, and just a tiny forty2 logo. I can dig it.